Sarah Aluko is a poet and writer. Born and raised in London by West African parents. At the tender age of 15 she wrote her first poem which was published on an online poetry magazine. Heavily influenced by the likes of Maya Angelou and John Agard, Sarah knew that expressing herself in poems was not something she could ignore. However, despite her longing to write, Sarah went on to complete her law degree and pursue a career in finance. Through one of the most difficult periods of her life she was able reflect and pour herself into her words. Writing became her solitude, her safe haven. After travelling to many different countries around the world and writing away her fears, Sarah finally was able to give birth to this collection, her firstborn. Sarah takes you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. The book tackles themes such as love, loss, femininity, heartbreak and survival. Through her poems she gives a raw, honest account of her journey through womanhood, constantly showing us that she, like so many others, is not a one dimensional creature but come with many different layers and her own unique story to tell. Sarah aims to show readers that it is important to embrace every part of yourself, including parts that we consider to be dark and ugly. As this is the only way to truly survive in a world that is constantly telling you what version of yourself you are expected to be.

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